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Premium Sun Dried Tomatoes: Ambient, Triple Diced

Valley Sun Sundried Tomatoes Triple Diced

Roma-style tomatoes that are picked at the peak of ripeness, dried naturally under the sun, with salt as the preservative, using the traditional method to develop the rich flavor profile characteristic of naturally sun dried tomatoes. The tomatoes are dried further to create products that are appropriate for use in dry mixes, spice blends and other low moisture applications.

Product Specifications


Sun Dried Tomatoes, Salt

Shelf Life and Storage

Ambient shelf life for product in unopened packages is 12 months. To maintain color, texture, & flavor the product must be stored below 65% humidity and away from product with strong odors. Freezing will extend shelf life.

Physical Specifications

Color: Premium Salted Sun Dried Tomatoes at low moisture are characteristically deep brownish-red with slight color variations due to natural growing conditions.

Size: Strips approximately 1/4″ wide by 1/4” – 1/2″ long.

Flavor & Aroma: Pleasantly sweet, salty tomato flavor accented with a slight caramelized flavor that is characteristic of salted sun dried tomatoes.

Kosher: Products are certified as Kosher by the Orthodox Union (OU)

Analytical, Chemical and Microbiological Specifications

Pesticides: Shall not exceed U.S. Government established tolerances for pesticide residues

GMO Status: Product is non-GMO

Salt: 4 – 8 %

Moisture: 7 – 12 %

Microbiological (Test/Tolerance Limit):

  • Standard Plate Count/g: 400,000 max
  • Yeast/g: 4,000 max
  • Mold/g: 4,000 max

Foreign Material: The product is prepared in a manner to preclude introduction of foreign or extraneous material. All products are sorted through an in-line magnet and a state-of-the-art metal detector to assure freedom from harmful extraneous material.

Certifications by Origin

California Import

Packaging Options

25lb Bag-In-Box

Product packed in poly bags in fiber boxes
Cube: 1.22
Standard Product Code: 03-8×1111 (‘x’ indicates cut size)

Select a type to see product details:


No preservatives.

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Preserved with salt or sulfur dioxide or meta.

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For use in dry mixes, spice blends and other low moisture applications.

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Ready to Serve

Prepared for foodservice.

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