Valley Sun Products, Inc. contracts with the largest tomato grower/processor in the Central California area during December of each year to assure that the best tomatoes are planted for drying.

Our growers observe strict State and Federal safety guidelines in growing the tomatoes for Valley Sun Products, Inc. to assure they are of the finest quality and that they conform to Valley Sun Products, Inc.’s requirements.

Our tomatoes are harvested at the peak of their maturity and transported in gondolas specially designed for the gentle transport of tomatoes. Each load is inspected by the State of California to provide independent evaluation of quality. In addition, Valley Sun Products, Inc.’s agreement with the grower allows us to carefully select only the highest quality tomatoes available for each day.

The tomatoes are rushed to the plant for processing to assure that they maintain their flavor and color. Even after the tomatoes arrive at the plant, Valley Sun Products, Inc.’s Quality Assurance personnel again inspect the tomatoes and send those trucks back which don’t meet Valley Sun Products, Inc.’s high standards of quality.

The tomatoes are gently removed from the gondolas with water, which minimizes damage during unloading and begins the process of washing & sorting.

The tomatoes go through several washing stations, each followed by fresh water rinses, so that the tomatoes are clean before they are cut. An electronic color sorter and trained sorting staff remove any tomatoes that are not at the peak of ripeness, are too small or damaged.

State-of-the-art high-speed machines slice each tomato and specially designed conveyors move the cut tomatoes onto Valley Sun Products, Inc. designed drying trays. Each tomato is checked to ensure the cut side is up, allowing the tomatoes to dry properly.

The trays are stacked onto pallets and the pallets are placed in sulfur rooms where the tomatoes are cured prior to drying, much like a smokehouse. Valley Sun Products, Inc. uses elemental sulfur which helps maintain the bright color of the tomato, inhibits microbiological growth during the drying process, and contributes to the flavor of the product.

After sulfuring, the pallets are moved to the fully paved and fenced drying yard and each tray is laid out to allow full exposure to the sun. The sulfur slowly dissipates from the tomatoes, to a level sufficient enough to enhance the tomatoes’ tangy sweet flavor and bright ruby red color.

Over a period of days (4-10) the rays of the sun dry the tomatoes. The slow gentle drying process imparts that special flavor so distinctive of authentically Sun Dried Tomatoes.

When Quality Assurance personnel determine the tomatoes have been Sun Dried to the optimum moisture level the tomatoes are removed from the trays and mechanically sized.

After the initial sorting, the tomatoes are placed in large bins, lined with poly bags, and frozen to maintain color and flavor. Sun Dried Tomatoes must be treated with care and should be considered semi-perishable (like many fine gourmet foods).

Throughout the year when orders are received, the Sun Dried Tomatoes are brought out of cold storage and sorted again by skilled workers who have been trained to remove those tomato pieces that would not be acceptable to our customers.

According to our customers’ specifications, the Sun Dried Tomatoes may be julienned, diced, chopped or powdered and may be packed in a number of different manners. We are Kosher certified by the Orthodox Union.

To assure that each customer receives our Sun Dried Tomatoes in superior quality condition, the final product is rushed to its destination by refrigerated trucks or overnight service.

Organizational Vision

Our Vision

To be an Olympic Gold Medal performer in the tomato products industry. To develop and implement superior systems of organizing individuals’ talents and efforts to achieve demonstrably superior productivity and personal happiness. To develop and implement superior technology and production systems that significantly and demonstrably increase the effective use of resources that match customers’ requirements. To provide opportunity for more harmonious and prosperous lives, bringing happiness to ourselves and to the people we serve.

Colleague Self-Management

For Valley Sun Products, Inc. colleagues to be self-managing professionals, initiating communications and the coordination of their activities with fellow colleagues, customers, suppliers and fellow industry participants, absent directives from others. For colleagues to find joy and excitement utilizing their unique talents and to weave those talents into activities which complement and strengthen fellow colleagues’ activities. For colleagues to take personal responsibility and hold themselves accountable for achieving our Mission and shaping the Tomato Game.

Clarity of Vision

For Valley Sun Products, Inc. colleagues to develop a clear vision of perfect results and how their personal commercial mission relates to achieving our customers’ tomato product requirements. To achieve demonstrably superior efficiency in the use of environmental resources to create our products. To measure and present our performance in the context of perfect results and to use this vision to drive our decision making and actions.

Creative Advancement of Technology

For Valley Sun Products, Inc. colleagues to develop significant, creative technological advances in tomato production methods. Only when we achieve this, will we dedicate additional, significant resources to expand production or produce different products.


To work with fellow colleagues, customers, suppliers and industry participants within a framework of solid integrity and openness in pursuit of voluntary and mutually beneficial transactions and relationships. To maintain our facilities in a clean and orderly condition with a pleasant appearance.

– Valley Sun Products, Inc.

Does Your Sun Dried Tomato Supplier Offer…

Valley Sun Products, Inc. Others
California grown and processed tomatoes?
The world’s largest sun drying facility producing authentically sun dried tomatoes?
Processing innovations guaranteeing a clean and safe product?

  • Paved and fenced dry yard
  • Proprietary equipment to remove substandard and undesirable pieces at the first stage of processing
  • On line metal detection system
  • Electronic color sorting
In house systems and dedicated personnel maintaining high quality standards?

  • Quality control and assurance
  • Product testing
  • Lot coding
  • Certificate of Analysis
  • Fully equipped quality control lab on-site
A range of convenient size and forms?

  • Halves
  • Julienne
  • Powder
  • Minced
  • Double Diced
  • Triple Diced
Regular, unannounced inspections by the independent Dried Fruit Association?
Refrigerated shipping and storage from regional warehouses to insure timely delivery throughout North America?
Easy Access – (800) 426-5444 – and a friendly, knowledgeable and efficient sales, customer service and technical support staff?
A product research, custom product development staff available for you?
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