Salted Sun Dried Tomato Powder

Valley Sun Powder Salted

Roma-style tomatoes that are picked at the peak of ripeness and then sun dried by the traditional method using salt as a preservative to develop the rich flavor profile characteristic of naturally sun dried tomatoes. The tomatoes are then milled to create a product appropriate for use in dry mixes, pasta dough, soups, smooth sauces and snack coatings.

Product Specifications

Packaging Options

30lb Bag-In-Box

Product packed in poly bags in fiber boxes
Cube: 1.22
Standard Product Code: 07-891711

Sun Dried Tomato Powders

Valley Sun Powder Tomato


Valley Sun Powder Tomato

Tomato #3

Valley Sun Powder Salted


Valley Sun Powder Chipotle


Valley Sun Powder Smoked


Valley Sun Powder Sriracha


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