Premium Sun Dried Tomato and Chipotle Chili Powder

Valley Sun Powder Chipotle

Roma-style tomatoes that are picked at the peak of ripeness and then sun dried using the traditional method to develop the rich flavor profile characteristic of authentically sun dried tomatoes. Following the drying process, the tomatoes are then milled and then mixed with the chipotle chili powder to create a product appropriate for use in dry mixes, pasta dough, soups, smooth sauces and snack coatings.

Product Specifications

Packaging Options

30lb Bag-In-Box

Product packed in poly bags in fiber boxes
Cube: 1.22

Sun Dried Tomato Powders

Valley Sun Powder Tomato


Valley Sun Powder Tomato

Tomato #3

Valley Sun Powder Salted


Valley Sun Powder Chipotle


Valley Sun Powder Smoked


Valley Sun Powder Sriracha


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